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Funtab prominently present in Nightlife

The importance of innovation for nightclubs and entertainment venues cannot be overstated in an ever-changing and competitive entertainment industry. The audience is constantly evolving, and the success of a nightlife venue depends heavily on its ability to keep up with the latest trends and expectations. Jimmy Woo and Supperclub are taking the lead.

Jimmy Woo and Funtab

The collaboration between Jimmy Woo and Funtab during the weekly ‘Superfuture’ event in Amsterdam brought a lot of entertainment with personalized Funtabs. Jimmy Woo, known for its unique atmosphere and innovative events, sought ways to enhance interaction without losing exclusivity.

The positive reactions to the special ‘Superfuture’ Funtabs demonstrates audience engagement. This is just the beginning of a promising future for nightlife, where personalized Funtabs will become an essential part of the club experience worldwide.

Funtab and Supperclub

Supperclub is an iconic nightlife venue and restaurant located in Amsterdam. The Supperclub concept combines dining, entertainment, and art in a uniquely beautiful setting. The venue is known for its innovative approach to nightlife.

During the release party of a new track, Supperclub opted for the revolutionary Funtabs. This innovative addition transformed the evening into a true sensation of ambiance and entertainment.