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Holland Casino x Funtab

Magical pee winner tabs

Funtab introduces ‘pee winner tabs’ to make restroom visits in casinos more fun and exciting. What’s more, you can now earn money with restroom facilities.

The Funtab serves as a dice game.

Attractive prizes from Holland Casino.

By urinating on the Funtab, you’ll see a die with a certain number of eyes appearing. If a golden 6 appears instead of a die, you’ve won a prize.

With the unique action code in the package, you can also check on the website using our Prize Checker Tool to see if and what you’ve won and how to claim your prize.

The Funtab system registers the names and email addresses of participants for Holland Casino, for use in future marketing campaigns.

Custom designs and support for the introduction.

Four different pee winner tabs designs have been created, but each campaign can be fully customized with its own prize categories, odds, tablet design, packaging, and more.

During the launch, we recommend having two Funtab employees on-site to provide explanations about the Funtabs. This way, Funtab can generate extra exposure, boost revenue, and ensure good communication with guests.

Look at these brands

They are already Funtabbing

The ideal marketing proposition

With Funtab, new doors open to convey your message. Excite people about your brand or message with custom-designed tabs or standard designs.

  • A new, creative way to stand out
  • Entertain your target audience in a playful manner
  • With Funtabs, your message becomes more memorable
  • Option: with ‘Winner Tabs,’ boost your lead database

I am here for you!

Ready to get the party started?

Get some inspeeration

Croquet & Croquettes Tournament

Groesbeek, The Netherlands

Lennart about this case:

Funtabs, ingeniously designed to interact with tablet holders in urinals, became a source of amusement and anticipation.

Gimme more inspeeration

Purple Festival 2023 – 24 augustus

Leijpark Tilburg

Lennart about this case:

Purple Festival 2023

Funtab Winner Campaign

Your chance to win € 100

Lennart about this case:

How to use a Funtab

Install urinal screen

Place the urinal screen on the back of the urinal. See urinal screen packaging for more info.

Place Funtab

Place a Funtab on the urinal screen by holding it between thumb and index finger, then gently release it. No need to touch the screen!

Aim and watch

Ready? Aim and destroy your target! Note: Reveal tabs are best sprayed evenly until the inside image is revealed.

  • Install urinal screen
  • Place Funtab
  • Aim and watch

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