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Reaching a young target audience

Funtabs provide an interactive experience that goes beyond traditional marketing channels. By utilizing Funtabs, marketers can enhance the engagement of young people.

What is a Funtab?

Ever thought that an urinal could be the talk of the town? Well, with Funtab, it certainly can be! Funtab transforms an everyday pee into an unforgettable experience.

How does it work?

A Funtab must be placed in a Funtab tablet holder or urinal screen inside the urinal. There is no need to touch the tablet holder or urinal screen as you can position the Funtab by holding it between thumb and index finger. Watch our how-to video.

Aftermovie Croquet & Croquettes 2023

The Croquet and Croquettes tournament was more than a display of croquet skills and luxurious ambiance; it was a celebration of fun, entertainment, and togetherness. Funtabs fits perfectly into this picture.

Funtab present in Jimmy Woo

The collaboration between Jimmy Woo and Funtab is just the beginning of a promising future for the nightlife. The Funtabs received a lot of positive feedback while being present during the event ”Superfuture”.