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Have some fun while you let it run

Funtab: A revolutionary twist on entertainment and advertising. Discover our colorful 3D-printed tablets, designed to bring a smile to everyone’s face during a urinal visit. The goal? Destroy the Funtab in a single pee and add a touch of fun to an everyday activity. Do you dare to take the challenge? Try now!

Reach a young target audience

The aim is the game

Target Reveal Destroy

Hosting a party or event soon? Then think Funtab. It’s good, clean fun. It’s cheeky, mischievous and perfect for parties, pubs, venues, events and festivals.

The goal is for your guests to have some innocent fun by destroying their local football rival, latest nemesis or a disliked character. With Funtab you can create personalized messages, advertise and even add winning codes for competitions. Surprise your friends or customers!

Ready to make your toilet a party?

These were questions from our customers before starting with Funtab. Is your question not among them? Feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within a few working days.

  1. What is the goal of a Funtab?

    The goal is to pee a Funtab to pieces and see it washed away in one single pee.

  2. Can I order different tablet designs in one order?

    Yes, with a minimum of 50 pieces of each tablet design for pre-designed Funtabs and/or 100 pieces for Custom tabs, you can order as many different designs as you wish. Guests will enjoy trying different Funtab designs!

  3. How do I use a Funtab?

    A Funtab must be placed in the Funtab urinal screen inside the urinal. There is no need to touch the urinal screen as you can position the Funtab by holding it between thumb and index finger, then release it in the rim first. Watch our how-to video.