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The story of Funtab

It all started when..

In the summer of 2020, an outlandish idea was born. Menzo Havenga and Lennart Duijvelaar met for a drink and left with a new product that would revolutionise your time in the loo.

A product that would not only entertain men while using an urinal at a party, but provides advertisers with a new ‘display’ and ‘touch point’ to reach audiences around the globe.
A tablet to pee to pieces!

We aim for the best

Soon after we created our company Latisus and started product development with Dutch research and innovation institute TNO.

It took countless iterations to create a 3D-printed tablet with the right dissolution properties.

Previously, urinal tablets (cakes) had only been created to reduce smell.  Forget cakes and forget the sticker with a fly to make you aim better. Funtab has nothing to do with hygiene but is specifically designed to be destroyed and washed away in one single pee! Additionally, as our tablets have layered images throughout the entire tablet, a hidden image or text inside the tablet can be revealed during use.

Discover the fun in Funtab?

2024 FunTab in usage

In 2024, Funtab takes over the party scene, from popular clubs like Supperclub and Jimmy Woo to the upcoming festival season. Funtab emerges as the sensation in party entertainment and advertising. Experience the revolution of Funtab: a groundbreaking adventure for partygoers and advertisers.

2020 FunTab is founded

In the summer of 2020 the company Latisus B.V. was founded. At first called ”The Latisus Fun Tablet” it’s novel entertainment and advertising product for use in urinals was later rebranded ”Funtab”.

2022 Patent is filed

Once tablet prototypes were succesfully tested, to protect our idea and achievements, an international patent was filed medio 2022.

2023 FunTab has a new website

After trials at parties and events confirmed our enthusiasm and excitement for the Funtab product, we asked Dutch website developer ”Draad” to build a comprehensive website and marketing platform. FUNTAB.COM launched in June 2023.

Funtab as advertising tool

Ready to make money with your toilets?