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What is a Funtab?

Meet the sensation for your party or event!

Ever thought that an urinal could be the talk of the town? Well, with Funtab, it certainly can be! Funtab transforms an everyday pee into an unforgettable experience. How? Read on!

Who is Funtab for?

From friends wanting to prank each other to big events looking for that extra something – Funtab is for everyone. Here are some ideas:

  • Friends & Student Unions: Give a Funtab as a gift with a funny picture, like that ex your friend always complains about, or a latest nemesis.
  • Cafés & Pubs: Impress your customers with a unique touch in the restroom. Just for fun or with a chance to win something.
  • Events & Festivals: Promote your brand or share an important message. ”Don’t forget to drink enough water!”

What makes Funtab so fun?

You can choose from existing designs or personalize your Funtab with an image or text of choice. Place the Funtab in the holder, and let the fun begin. The goal is to destroy the tablet in one single pee. However, with reveal tabs you pee over it, and voilà, a new image appears, before you destroy and wash away what is left.

Funtab for Marketing

With Funtab, a new door opens to share your message. Make your brand unforgettable with customized advertising tablets, or add “Winner Tabs” to amp up your marketing campaign.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Made from harmless, biodegradable ingredients, Funtab also contributes to a sustainable world.

How can you order Funtab?

It’s easy! Choose your favorite design, order in batches of 50, and receive your Funtabs within 5-7 working days. Every order comes with a free tablet holder and a stylish gift box. Free shipping on orders over €175!



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