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Funtab Leaves an Impression at Festivak 2023

Mechelen, Belgium

On November 22 and 23, Funtab made its debut in the events industry during Festivak 2023 in Mechelen (BE). The striking Funtab booth, featuring eye-catching 3D-printed tablets, immediately captured the attention of visitors. The responses were positive, with a notable moment surrounding the Dutch election results.

Funtab’s First Impression

Visitors were surprised by Funtab’s unique approach. The colorful 3D-printed tablets elicited enthusiastic reactions, from curious inquiries about urinals to the revelation that images appear during urination. “Do they sell urinals? Scented tablets for the toilet? No, wait, this is what we heard: you have to pee on it, and then an image appears!” The fact that Wilders Funtabs quickly disappeared after the elections emphasized Funtab’s timely and engaging approach.

Opportunities for Event Organizers

Event organizers immediately saw opportunities for their audiences. The unexpected form of entertainment and the opportunity to give sponsors and advertisers extra exposure were positively received. Many are considering incorporating Funtab into future editions of their events as a fresh and attractive way to convey messages.

Effective Advertising with Funtab

Funtab offers a unique advertising opportunity, with users focusing on the message or brand on the tablet while using the restroom. This is in contrast to traditional advertising forms like posters and banners, which often go unnoticed because the target audience doesn’t read them. The easy distribution at various locations, along with the option for giveaways, makes Funtab attractive to advertisers looking for innovative promotional opportunities.

Collecting Leads and Encouraging Interaction

The ability to link unique codes in the packaging to the Price Checker Tool on was enthusiastically received. This allows advertisers to collect automated leads, including names and email addresses of users. This provides an extra incentive for sponsors or advertisers to advertise with Funtab.

Trying out Free Funtabs at Festivak

On both days of the exhibition, the novelty tour visited the Funtab booth for a pitch to visitors, specifically focused on innovative products. Hundreds of tabs were used, and the responses were uniformly positive. When will you start using Funtab at your event?

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