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Funtab’s Thrilling Adventure at the Purple Festival

Tilburg, Netherlands

Resounding enthusiasm engulfed Leijpark during Fontys University’s sensational Purple Festival!
Funtab brought an unparalleled dose of joy and surprise to the festival crowd, with the Purple Tab taking the spotlight as the ultimate party companion.

Novel and Original
Amid the exhilarating beats of DJ La Fuente and other top artists, Funtab caught everyone’s attention near the restroom facilities. An initiative that triggered a wave of excitement, because who would have thought a trip to the restroom could be so enjoyable? The Funtab experience was fresh, original, and simply fantastic! With the magical image that appears while urinating, the fun was boundless. Especially ‘The Girl’ tab stole the show, although each tab had its own charm.

A Smile on Everyone’s Face
And the surprise didn’t stop there! The special Purple Tab had festival-goers trembling with excitement, as 1 in 3 tabs was a ‘Winner Tab.’ The notion that you could win something while just urinating put a smile on everyone’s face. With cameras ready for the magical moment when “WINNER” lit up, the euphoria was unstoppable.
International students added an extra dose of joy to the celebration, becoming just as enthusiastic about Funtab as the local revelers. The blend of entertainment and winning potential during a restroom visit was a tremendous success, bringing a new dimension of fun to the festival. Even the ladies were curious and would have loved to experience Funtab for a day.

Elevating Your Event
Funtab elevated the Purple Festival to new heights with its unmatched energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. It was an epic celebration where attendees didn’t just create memories but also won prizes. Funtab and the Purple Festival, an unforgettable fusion. Interested in partnering with Funtab for your festival or event? At Funtab, we’re excited to collaborate and ensure you get the most out of your special event!

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