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High-end Dart Entertainment Meets Urinary Fun!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Have you ever been part of a gaming scenario where even a trip to the bathroom becomes a moment of thrill and competition? If your answer is “no,” it’s about time you immersed yourself in the exhilarating adventure Oche and Funtabs have devised just for you. Let us walk you through this innovative campaign!

Aim, Piddle and Win with Funtabs
Oche, an international high-end dart entertainment pub, has teamed up with Funtabs for a unique and playful Winner Campaign. Bringing together an exceptional blend of friendly competition, fun, and entertainment, Funtabs and Oche have created an atmosphere where you can win not just on the dartboard, but in the bathroom too!

How it Works
As part of the campaign, single tab packaging with unique codes are given out to guests at the bar. But here’s the twist – these tabs aren’t for drinking! These Funtabs are designed to interact with the Funtab urinal screens installed in the urinals. Yes, you read it right!

Each tab carries Oche’s logo and, when used, reveals a fun message as you relieve yourself. A few lucky tabs reveal the special ‘Bullseye’ message when you pee on them. If you’re one of the lucky ones, then cheers, because you’ve just won yourself a free beer!

Reaping the Rewards
Cashing in your prize is as simple as pie. All you need to do is head back to the bar, fill in your unique code on, and voila, a complimentary beer is yours for the taking!

Oche & Funtabs – The Perfect Blend of Fun and Friendly Competition
Niels van Halen, Manager at Oche, perfectly summed up the essence of this campaign, “At Oche, everything revolves around friendly competition, fun, and entertainment. The Funtab Winner Campaign fits perfectly within our concept.”

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