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Turning Bathroom Breaks into a Party?

Huizen, Netherlands

If the Netherlands had a middle name, it would be “Good Times” because boy, do we know how to throw a party! And guess what, there’s no place where this Dutch charm sparks to life in a more delightful and unexpected way than at the Grand Café ‘t Heertje in the Netherlands.

An Unbeatable Conversation Starter at the Bar
Now, let’s talk about something we all need at a party but seldom discuss – the bathroom break. At ‘t Heertje, we’ve managed to flip this script, turning a mundane restroom visit into a fun-filled event, all thanks to our exciting innovation, the Funtabs.

Meet the owner, Ringo Prins. This man’s mission in life is to keep his guests entertained, and with the Funtabs, he’s hit the jackpot! Charging for restroom use on party-crowded nights? Sure, we do, but we make sure you have a good laugh about it. With the special Funtab for ‘t Heertje, guests can aim at the café’s logo and, hey presto, a shining glass of beer pops up! Instant hilarity and an unbeatable conversation starter at the bar.

At ‘t Heertje, we swear by the mantra: it’s the little things that get the biggest giggles. And the Funtab? It’s a laugh-riot that guarantees an unforgettable moment, transforming necessary restroom interludes into a laughter-filled experience.

A Memorable Adventure
Calling all café owners and event planners! Looking for a unique way to tickle your guests’ funny bone? Want to make sure that even a trip to the loo becomes a memorable adventure? Then, the Funtab is your ticket to hilarity! This quirky innovation isn’t just about the laughs; it gets people talking and leaves them with a fun, unforgettable memory.

Your Own Laughter-loaded Funtab
‘T Heertje has set the stage, proving the Funtab is a guaranteed chuckle-churner. Now it’s your turn! We at Funtab are eager to work with you to concoct your own laughter-loaded Funtab. Contact us, unleash your wild imagination, and let’s get the party started in your bathrooms too. Because here at Funtab, we believe: a party isn’t a real party unless every single detail, right down to the loo, is overflowing with fun!

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