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Great marketing proposition

With Funtab, a new door opens to share your message. Engage people in an exciting way, either through custom-designed tabs or pre-made successes.

  • Creative new way to stand out and entertain
  • Dare to be a bit cheeky and mischievous
  • Funtab makes your message memorable
  • Including ”Winner Tabs” boosts your lead database
  • Customised Advertising Tabs from 0.75 EUR per tablet

Reach a young target audience

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They’re already funtabbing!

Check these brands

Winner Tabs maximize your marketing campaign with branded single tab packaging, while gearing up Funtab users engagement for your brand and growing your lead database. You decide how many tabs will be winning tabs and what prices can be won. Our Prize Checker Tool is part of your customized winner campaign. Be the first in your industry to add Funtab Winner Tabs to your marketing mix and draw a crowd where crowds aren’t drawn.

Create winners, with Winner Tabs

Croquet & Croquettes Tournament

Groesbeek, The Netherlands

Lennart about this case:

Funtabs, ingeniously designed to interact with tablet holders in urinals, became a source of amusement and anticipation.

Gimme more inspeeration

Purple Festival 2023 – 24 augustus

Leijpark Tilburg

Lennart about this case:

Purple Festival 2023

Funtab Winner Campaign

Your chance to win € 100

Lennart about this case:

How to use a Funtab

Install urinal screen

Place the urinal screen on the back of the urinal. See urinal screen packaging for more info.

Place Funtab

Place a Funtab on the urinal screen by holding it between thumb and index finger, then gently release it. No need to touch the screen!

Aim and watch

Ready? Aim and destroy your target! Note: Reveal tabs are best sprayed evenly until the inside image is revealed.

  • Install urinal screen
  • Place Funtab
  • Aim and watch

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