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Digital brand policy worldwide

Funtab strives to exclusively collaborate with Partners who fully comply with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as with this Digital Brand Policy. This policy encompasses rules that pertain to our brand, with the objective of safeguarding Funtab’s online brand identity.


The regulations outlined in this document apply to all Partners of Funtab and their employees. They encompass all online expressions – whether on social media or in email campaigns – that are related to Funtab’s activities. The willingness to adhere to our Digital Brand Policy is of paramount importance as it aids us in upholding our reputation. The careful and consistent handling of our brand identity contributes to the success and longevity of our business relationships.


Where necessary, each Partner will have an authorized representative declare that they have read and understood this document and that they comply with the stipulations outlined herein. Funtab expects immediate notification from existing Partners of any suspicions or any other non-compliance with the standards within this document. This enables joint verification of facts and resolution. This applies to both our Partners and their subcontractors.

Non-compliance with our Digital Brand Policy can result in the termination of business relationships with the right to terminate the collaboration immediately. Any infringement or concern related to the use of the Funtab brand, products, designs, images, or visuals must be promptly reported to our Brand Policy department at

Online policy and brand identity

Funtab and its Partners are related but independent entities. To prevent confusion between the identity of Funtab and the identity of its Partners, the identity of our business Partners must always be clearly visible on their websites.

Site landing

When Funtab provides the business partner with a link from the Funtab webpage, or when traffic originates from Funtab sources, the Partner is obligated to present their visitors with a page featuring Funtab products. Business partner landing pages must be designed in their own specific style and pre-approved by Funtab via

Advertising & campaigns

An approved advertisement featuring Funtab products should never lead to the display of other products or content. All images of Funtab products are protected by copyright and may not be used for personal or business purposes. All campaigns featuring Funtab visuals must link to relevant Funtab pages and are not intended to be used as clickbait for other/competitive brands or products.


The use of the Funtab name as a keyword in advertisements and on websites falls within the guidelines. However, according to current Google guidelines, it is not permitted to use a brand name in the title of an advertisement. See Google Ads Trademark Rules 101 for more details.

Logos, images and designs

Partners may not use logos, images, visuals, or designs of Funtab on their websites without written permission from Funtab: approval is required for usage.

Funtab trademarks

Under no circumstances should the Funtab trademarks, product photos, style information, and other expressions referring to Funtab create confusion among website visitors regarding the identity of the website; this is solely at the discretion of Funtab. It is not permitted to use the name Funtab in a domain name without written permission. The use of a specific subpage named ‘Funtab’ is only allowed with written permission from Funtab.

Fair competition

Funtab strictly prohibits anti-competitive agreements or behaviors, including price fixing, restriction of the supply of goods or services, manipulation of procurement procedures, and market allocation. Discounts cannot be applied to Funtab products without Funtab’s approval. We require our Business Partners to commit to free and fair competition and to comply with relevant competition laws and regulations.


When the Partner adheres to this Digital Brand Policy, Funtab will provide Funtab products. The number of products depends on the revenue of the previous month and may be increased or decreased on a monthly basis.

Images and content

Funtab will provide the images and content describing the Funtab products.

Violation of rules as a Partner

If a Partner violates the rules, Funtab will take immediate action. The Partner will receive a notification with an official warning providing no more than 24 hours to rectify the violations. If this warning is not heeded, the Partner will receive a final warning with a 12-hour deadline. At this stage, Funtab will evaluate the termination of any form of collaboration.

If Funtab products, images, logos, and brand name continue to be used by the Partner, Funtab will take the following measures:

– the business relationship will be terminated immediately.
– the Partner’s right to sell Funtab products will be revoked
– the Partner may no longer advertise using the Funtab logo and brand name
– the Partner will lose the right to use Funtab product images and other Funtab designs
– any consequential damages will be covered by the Partner
– if a business competitor uses Funtab products, images, logos, and brand names for advertising, Funtab will inform Google about the unauthorized use of the Funtab brand name and initiate redirecting traffic by outbidding on keywords.


This document does not replace but supplements all other terms of Funtab, including but not limited to the General Sales Conditions, which remain fully applicable.