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No question is too crazy for us

How it works

  1. What is the goal of a Funtab?

    The goal is to pee a Funtab to pieces and see it washed away in one single pee.

  2. What to do if a urinal screen is not suitable?

    Each urinal requires one urinal screen. With every order, one free urinal screen is included. In some cases, it may happen that a urinal screen is not suitable. In such a situation, a tablet holder can be ordered.

  3. How many Funtabs should I buy?

    Expect almost all guests to wish to try at least one tablet during a party. However, it depends on the duration of the event, how you distribute and promote the Funtabs, how many tablet designs you offer, and how much your guests drink! On average, one or two Funtabs per (male) visitor is sufficient.

  4. How many urinal screens should I order?

    Each urinal requires one urinal screen. With every order, one free urinal screen is included. In some cases, a urinal screen may not be suitable. In such a situation, a tablet holder can be ordered.

  5. What if my Funtab is only partially dissolved?

    Depending on your volume and technique, some (minor) residue may be visible in the urinal screen. This is normal. Just flush or pee the residue away before using another Funtab.

  6. How can I best see the image inside a Funtab?

    The so-called Reveal image (or text) is best visible if you wetten the tablet evenly while peeing. A flow that is too concentrated can cause the tablet to break before the image inside is revealed.
    Please note: not every tablet contains a reveal image.

  7. How do I use a Funtab?

    A Funtab must be placed in the Funtab urinal screen inside the urinal. There is no need to touch the urinal screen as you can position the Funtab by holding it between thumb and index finger, then release it in the rim first. Watch our how-to video.

  8. Are there any harmful substances in Funtabs? Can I eat one?

    Funtabs are made of harmless, biodegradable ingredients. However, Funtabs are not for consumption. We recommend you stick to peeing on them instead!

Custom tabs

  1. Why is there a minimum order size and no change or refund option?

    Custom tabs are produced on demand, and we must set and reset the printing machine accordingly. Therefore we need a minimum order size. As we cannot sell your tabs to anyone else, orders for Custom tabs cannot be changed, cancelled, returned or refunded.

  2. Can I order a design that doesn’t match the criteria?

    Please contact us by email with your exact request for a Custom tab. We might be able to create your design, though it may cost a bit extra.

  3. How many images can I put on one tablet design?

    You can choose a top image (or text), and an image (or text) inside the tablet that is only revealed during use – the so-called ‘Reveal image’. The bottom of the tablet is always branded with the Funtab logo.

  4. How can I create my own tablet design?

    Select ‘Custom Tabs’ in our Product section or on the Homepage. Here you’ll find a tool to create and order your own tablet designs.

Advertising tabs

  1. How does the ‘Winner Campaign’ work?

    When creating a custom design for your Funtabs, you also set the ‘Winner Campaign’ conditions. You select up to three prize categories and a number of winners per category. Each Funtab will be packed in a customized single-tab envelope with a unique winner code inside. Your guests can check on FUNTAB.COM if they have won a prize, while every winner will see the text ‘’WINNER’’ appear while peeing on the tablet! This will add a sense of excitement to your party or event, and encourage your guests to keep drinking and trying to win. You’ll create an unforgettable experience for sure.

    Afterwards, you’ll receive the email addresses of all participants, to be used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the ‘Winner Campaign’. Participants should always receive the Funtab(s) for free and must be given the option to opt out of email or any future marketing messages.

  2. What is the difference between Custom tabs and Marketing tabs?

    Marketing tabs are similar to Custom tabs but can additionally be part of a ‘Winner Campaign’. This is similar to a free lottery, where a select number of tablets include a prize message, entitling the recipient to a gift.

Orders, payment and shipping

  1. Can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order within one day after purchase. However, please send an email asap to to prevent that we have already packed and shipped your Funtabs. Once Custom tabs or Advertising tabs are being produced, cancellation is not possible.

  2. Return policy

    You can return your purchase of pre designed Funtabs within 14 days after the date of purchase.
    To receive a full refund of the purchase price you must return the goods undamaged and in its original condition and packaging.

    Before shipping the goods, first inform us of your return package by sending an email with the order number to
    This email is also proof of timely notifying Funtab of your return.

    After we have received the goods in good condition, Funtab refunds your purchase price within 14 days.
    NOTE: shipping costs for returning goods must be paid for by the buyer.
    NOTE: Custom tabs and Advertising tabs cannot be returned.

    Address for returns:
    Maxwellstraat 21
    6716 BX Ede
    Nederland (The Netherlands)

  3. Mistake or damage in your order

    We take good care for your Funtabs but if something went wrong or your order is damaged during transport please contact us at Dont forget to explain what went wrong. If your order was damaged please make one or more pictures to add to your message.

  4. Problem during making an order or payment

    Do you encounter a problem during the order or payment process? Try a fresh start by removing any cookies and/or refreshing the page.
    Still not working? Please contact us at

  5. How to order products?

    1. Put the desired product in your shopping cart. Is your order complete? Go to shopping cart.

    2. Proceed to check out and fill in your data. If you already have an account you can log in to fill in most of your data automatically.

    3. Pay your order. You will receive an order confirmation with order number.

  6. Which payment methods are available?

    We offer these payment methods:
    – iDeal
    – Paypal
    – Creditcard
    – Bancontact/Mister Cash
    – Google pay
    – Apple pay
    – Alipay

  7. How much does shipping cost?

    The flat rate for shipping is 6,95 euro within most European countries. Shipping costs will be shown at check-out.

  8. Why is my Custom tab order cancelled?

    There is a fine line between entertainment and potentially offensive material. Funtab aims to prevent the production of tablets with images or texts that may be seen as inappropriate. Funtab has complete discretion in this matter.

  9. Can I order different tablet designs in one order?

    Yes, with a minimum of 50 pieces of each tablet design for pre-designed Funtabs and/or 100 pieces for Custom tabs, you can order as many different designs as you wish. Guests will enjoy trying different Funtab designs!

  10. What is the minimum order?

    For (pre-designed) Funtabs, the minimum order is 50 pieces. For Custom tabs, the minimum order is 100 tablets. Since we pack your Funtabs in nice gift boxes that contain 50 or 100 Funtabs, you can only order multiples of 50 or 100.
    For Advertising tabs, the minimum order is 1.000 tablets.

The Company

  1. What is Latisus and its relation to Funtab?

    Latisus B.V. is the name of the company that owns the Funtab brand. Our registration number at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands is 78615917.

  2. When can I reach you?

    During business hours, we are available by phone (+31 (0)85 051 88 02) and email ( In any case, we will reply or contact you within a few working days after receiving your message.