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Not hindered by any knowledge

  • Delivered in 5-7 working days
  • 1 free urinal screen with every order
  • Free gift box
  • Free shipping with first order!

How many urinal screens do you need?

One free urinal screen is included.

  • Urinal matt purple *

    Funtab urinal screen purple +  3,00

Product totaal

Opties totaal

Totaal generaal


How to use a Funtab

Install urinal screen

Place the urinal screen on the back of the urinal. See urinal screen packaging for more info.

Place Funtab

Place a Funtab on the urinal screen by holding it between thumb and index finger, then gently release it. No need to touch the screen!

Aim and watch

Ready? Aim and destroy your target! Note: Reveal tabs are best sprayed evenly until the inside image is revealed.

  • Install urinal screen
  • Place Funtab
  • Aim and watch

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