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Cafes & Pubs with Funtab’s magical tabs

Cafes and pubs are more than just places to have a drink; they are social hubs where people come together to relax, enjoy, and share memories. But what if these beloved establishments could add an extra touch of fun and originality to the experience of your visitors? That’s exactly where Funtab’s magical tabs come into play. In this blog, we delve into the world of unique toilet experiences, and discover how Funtab adds a new dimension of entertainment to cafes and pubs.

Entertainment in every corner

Imagine stepping into the restroom of your favorite cafe or pub and being greeted by a colorful, interactive world. With Funtab’s magical tabs, this becomes a reality. Would you like to surprise your guests? Choose for custom tabs, for example. Custom tabs provide a unique restroom sensation because you can incorporate an image, message, or marketing campaign into the Funtab. The tabs add a surprising piece of entertainment to the restroom space, where guests can enjoy playful tabs. It’s no longer just a place for a quick pit stop; it becomes an opportunity to laugh, play, and engage in something unique.

The magic of Funtabs

Funtab’s magical tabs transform the restroom experience in cafes and pubs from ordinary to extraordinary. They inject a playful twist into your visit, foster a sense of togetherness among guests, and offer a unique opportunity to laugh, play, and share. It’s a way to make the everyday memorable and provide something extra for those seeking an unexpected surprise. For instance, cafes and pubs can collaborate with Funtab to launch a giveaway or contest. Guests will love this and embrace this unique experience.

Unique experiences

Cafes and pubs can be a place where you not only order a drink but also have an experience. Funtab’s magical tabs add a dose of fun, interaction, and entertainment to your restroom visits, creating memories that last. Whether you’re with friends, celebrating a night out, or simply looking to enjoy an unforgettable experience, Funtabs are the key to unlocking a world of unique toilet experiences.