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Discover Funtab’s Prize Checker Tool

Are you ready to elevate your Funtab experience to new heights? The Prize Checker Tool, a feature on the Funtab website, adds an entirely new dimension to the joy that Funtab has to offer.

The Funtab experience

Funtab boasts a unique feature: the message changes when it comes into contact with moisture. But here is where the magic begins. When it gets wet, a message appears. With the code corresponding to the tab, you can check on the website to see if you’ve won a prize. Are you the lucky one?

How it works

The Funtabs are distributed in a specially designed packaging, each equipped with a unique code. This code is the key to unveiling your potential prize. Visit Winner and make use of the Prize Checker Tool. Enter the unique code and discover instantly whether you are a fortunate winner and what you have won.

Tailored excitement

What makes this Prize Checker Tool so enjoyable is the preservation of the element of surprise. Each Funtab with its corresponding code also opens the door to a world of possibilities. Consider, for example, an activation campaign involving email addresses. This can be seamlessly tied to a Funtab contest.

Unforgettable moments

Funtab stands not only for fun but also for sharing unforgettable moments. The Prize Checker Tool adds a social dimension. Share your discoveries with friends, compare prizes, and turn every Funtab experience into a shared adventure.

With Funtab’s Prize Checker Tool, every Funtab becomes a ticket to excitement and surprise. Immerse yourself in the world of Funtab, discover the unique messages, and delight your guests. Let the Funtab adventure begin!