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Surprise Friends and Visitors with Custom Tabs

Funtab, the latest sensation in creative and entertaining restroom amusement. Nowadays, you can customize the tabs entirely to your own style, message, or marketing campaign. In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the use of Funtab and share ideas on how you can create your own custom Funtab to surprise friends, guests, or customers.

The personal Touch of Funtabs

If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of humor or revenge to your Funtab experience, Custom Tabs are the perfect option. Imagine you’re at a private party, and your best friend is always talking about that annoying ex who left her hanging. With a customized Funtab, you can add an image of that ex, giving your friend a surprising and humorous experience.

Or perhaps you want to get back at that person who once embarrassed you greatly. A Custom Tab with a comical message will surely bring some laughs and light-hearted teasing. Customizing tabs adds a personal touch to the Funtab experience and opens the door to unexpected and humorous surprises.


Custom Tabs for all occasions

Funtab is a unique restroom experience that not only entertains but also intrigues. The concept is simple: you place the Funtab in the urinal screen and try to break it with a splash. But here’s the twist—before the Funtab breaks, it reveals a different image or message. It’s double the fun that piques curiosity and brings a smile to your face. Whether you’re hosting a private party, running a restaurant, owning a café, or managing an event venue, personalized Funtabs are perfect for surprising your guests.

How to order your Custom Tabs?

You can choose from existing designs or personalize your own Funtab with an image, text, or even a marketing campaign. It’s a great way to promote your brand while providing a unique experience. Ordering your own Funtabs is simple and enjoyable! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Design

Browse through a variety of designs and select the one that best suits your purpose and style. Are you not able to find your favorite Funtab? Create your own Custom tab!

Step 2: Determine The Tab Type

You can choose between a tab with only a front (aim and destroy) or a tab with both a front and an inside, where the inside reveals a different image or text when splashed.

Step 3: Order Your Funtabs

Best of all, each order comes with a free urinal screen and a stylish gift box.

Step 4: Let The Magic Begin

Once you have your Funtabs, it’s time to let the magic happen. Place them in the urinal screen and let your guests or customers enjoy a unique and entertaining restroom experience.