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Fun with Croquet, Croquettes, and Surprise-filled Restroom Visits!

Groesbeek, Netherlands

Ever been to an event where even a restroom break was packed with unexpected twists and delightful surprises? If not, it’s time to learn about the thrilling integration of Funtabs at HG Sabre’s annual Croquet and Croquettes tournament.

When Tradition Meets Innovation: The HG Sabre Tournament
HG Sabre, a men’s society renowned for its class and passion for all things refined, hosted their annual Croquet and Croquettes tournament. Known as Nijmegen’s most exciting student tournament, this year’s event got an extra spice of fun and competition thanks to Funtabs!

From Classy Croquet Games to Funtabs Surprises
The event kicked off embodying the elegance and joyous spirit inherent to HG Sabre, beginning with an idyllic English garden party and top-tier croquet games. But as the day unfolded, Funtabs introduced a delightful twist – in the restroom, of all places!

Funtabs: Turning Restrooms into Arenas of Amusement
Funtabs, ingeniously designed to interact with tablet urinal screens in urinals, became a source of amusement and anticipation. Each Funtab tablet had a surprise in store, with some hiding a unique code that revealed itself upon use. Lucky discoverers of this code could then exchange it for a free drink at the bar – a well-deserved reward after a game of croquet and a round of bubbly!

A Perfect Blend of Elegance, Fun, and Unforgettable Experiences
The Croquet and Croquettes tournament was more than a display of croquet skills and luxurious ambiance; it was a celebration of fun, entertainment, and togetherness. Funtabs fit perfectly into this picture, offering an innovative element that turned even restroom visits into unforgettable experiences!

Want Funtabs at Your Next Event?
Interested in how Funtabs can layer your event with extra excitement and friendly competition? Be it a sports event, a party, or a team-building weekend, Funtabs are here to make it an occasion to remember!
Get in touch with Funtabs today and see how we can take your event to the next level. At Funtabs, we’re all about creating memorable moments, proving that surprises can indeed pop up even in the most unexpected places – yes, even the restroom! We look forward to seeing you at the next edition!

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